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I'm ready to put my proven record of civic involvement
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Barbara Null announces candidacy for Stonehouse Supervisor

 Barbara Null for Stonehouse Supervisor.A native Virginian, Barbara Null was born in Arlington. She is the daughter of a United States Navy WWII Ace pilot who perished in a carrier accident in 1952. Wanting to make her dad proud, Barbara became a commercial pilot many years ago. Continuing the family’s history with the Navy, Barbara’s son is a Navy veteran who served in Special Warfare at Dam Neck and her daughter-in-law is a Chief Warrant Officer 2 with the Navy, now stationed in San Diego. Barbara has two grandchildren, ages seven and nine.

 A 36-year employee of United Air Lines, Barbara Null worked as a supervisor, purser, and flight attendant. During her career, she received her commercial pilot rating and became Chief Pilot for Executive Aviation at Capital City Airport (HAR) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Along the way, she was a foxhunter, skydiver, and skier, as well as devoting time as a volunteer and activist.

A current member of the James City County Planning Commission, Barbara Null served for five years on the Architecture Review Committee for Colonial Heritage and previously served on the Planning Commission for Oxford Township, Pennsylvania. She is a Volunteer in Police Service with the James City County Police Department. She is a former member of the Hanover (Pennsylvania) Medical Board.

Barbara Null has served as an officer of elections in James City County and in Charlottesville. She is an associate member of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute and was an associate member of the Fraternal Order of Police Associates in Charlottesville. She was a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity in Charlottesville.

Barbara Null is a former chairman of the Williamsburg-James City Republican Committee and the Charlottesville Republican Committee, and former president of the Greater Williamsburg Republican Women.

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